DataSphere LocalNet is the most powerful way for existing media companies with strong brands to extend their influence online. By taking advantage of your existing credibility within the community, and the reach of your existing media assets, you can build a network of hyperlocal neighborhood sites to better serve your constituents. Local small businesses find these sites extremely helpful in precisely targeting the potential customers most valuable to them and are excited about the potential of advertising within this context.

LocalNet offers both the technology and the sales team to capitalize on this opportunity with minimal cost or effort on your part. We create and host the sites for you and provide a complete suite of tools to allow you to manage the editorial content.

Once the sites are up, you can begin promoting them across your collection of existing media outlets to drive up awareness and traffic. Then our sales team swings into action and contacts relevant local businesses to let them know about this great new opportunity to attract local clients.

Combining LocalNet with Espresso allows even greater possibilities. Articles from your main station website can be automatically routed and displayed on the relevant local sites, while articles posted on the LocalNet sites can easily be found by searching on the main station website.

Getting started with LocalNet is fast, inexpensive and simple. Contact us to learn more about how LocalNet can create a whole new profit stream for your business.

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