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Top 5 Apps for Small Business Owners

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Tips for Getting Customers to Give You Reviews

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How to create a Facebook page for your business
Customer engagement helps you build lasting relationships, but you need to go where your customers are if you want to engage them.
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Google just changed how local businesses show in search
Google is used for local search results by four out of five consumers, and
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Pay Less for the Custom Website You Need
No matter what industry you hope to conquer, having a reputable presence online can make the difference between success and failure.
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Great SEO tricks to get found on Google
Over 1 trillion searches happen on Google per year, making it the most popular search engine—and a primary focus for your small business SEO.
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Top 5 Adwords Mistakes - And How to Avoid Them
Google AdWords is a good starting point for Internet marketers, but it's all too easy to start spending more money than is necessary. The principal reasons for this are many, but they broadly fall into these five categories: 
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3 strategies to reach nearby mobile consumers
Hyperlocal advertising and marketing narrow your playing field down to only a few local competitors, instead of taking on the entire Internet.
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Content Marketing tips for Small Businesses
Local small businesses sometimes get the impression content marketing isn't for them. You look at big name brands with multi-platform content marketing strategies, and you may be intimidated by the resources required to get to that point.
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5 Things Small Business Startups Underestimate
There are lots of misconceptions about starting up a business. Read the following five things that many small business startups underestimate.
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8 Great Fall Promotion Ideas for Your Small Business
Fall is a difficult period for retail sales, especially for a smaller business.
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Why Mass Marketing may be Doing Your Business a Disservice
Here’s a newsflash for businesses trying to gain new customers: from a marketing standpoint, more is not always better. If you’re casting a wide net by marketing to the masses, not only are you wasting your resources.
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Is social media really all it's touted to be for small business?
Every list of marketing tips geared at small businesses mentions social media over and over again.
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How to Make Your Small Business Profitable Fast
Every business is concerned with being profitable, but a new business should make generating profits their No. 1 priority. Fortunately, generating income is not as difficult as it sounds.
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1 in 3 small businesses now has a mobile-optimized website
Mobile devices are in the hands of over two-thirds of the U.S.
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