Products & Services for Local Businesses

With DataSphere, local businesses partner with leading media brands to boost visibility and attract new customers. You can take advantage of integrated online coupons, video advertisements, email campaigns and more. Contact us today to find out for yourself.

Exclusive Association with Local Media Brands Elevates Your Business

Enhance your image by associating with powerful local media brands. Strengthen your brand with exclusive sponsorship opportunities that place you above the competition. DataSphere's creative team works with you to create professional-looking, highly targeted advertisements.

Hyperlocal News Draws Hyperlocal Interest

A full 80 percent of local sales originate within a 14-minute drive time. Reach the audience that matters: the people in your neighborhood.  With DataSphere's LocalNetTM, you present your message through America's #1 hyperlocal news platform. Showcase your logo and key products or services in front of the future customers near your business.

Coupons Engage Your Prospects Wherever They Look--and Whenever They Look

Most consumers spend about 80 percent of their disposable income within 20 miles of their homes3. While digital coupons used to be limited to national chains, today local businesses have the most to gain from engaging shoppers online. DataSphere will work with you to develop an effective set of offers to drive your business. Get the most from your marketing dollars by  adding your coupons to the DataSphere Coupon Directory and distributing them across the DataSphere Coupon NetworkTM. We cover the major online destinations where people search for local goods and services.

Professional Video Boosts Your Visibility

Video is one of the most effective marketing tools. A video produced by DataSphere communicates your advertising message in high-impact sight, sound and motion. Publishing a video makes your business content 53 times more likely to appear in the first page of Google results1, and pages with videos convert 8.3 percent more visitors to leads2. With DataSphere's creative expertise, you receive a custom treatment for your Business Profile (see below). You can also use your video on your website or in other promotional materials.

Email Campaigns Reach a Highly Targeted Audience

Reach individuals who have opted into the neighborhood newsletters of leading local news stations. These email campaigns, powered by DataSphere, exceed industry standards for open rates (21%+) and click-through rates (12%+).  You appear alongside breaking local news content each week. These highly targeted newsletters also enable you to feature coupons and deals to attract new customers.

Business Profile Pages Help Customers Find You

When you advertise through DataSphere hyperlocal packages, you get a home page on your local media website for free. You help prospective customers learn what need to know about your business. These profiles give over 80% of our advertisers more page one links on Google, Yahoo, and Bing when customers search by their business name and neighborhood. Studies show more than half of clicks come from secondary links like these, increasing your website traffic.

The opportunities above are available to you with minimal investment of time and budget. Contact us today to start building your business through targeted online marketing.

1Forrester Research, 2009

2Webvisible, 2011

3TMCnet, undated

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