Products & Services for Media Companies

Tap into the billion-dollar small business market with our suite of products and services: 

Precision Targeting by Neighborhood for Homepage Ad Units

At DataSphere, we acquire and manage the customer. We build the creative and traffic the ad. You get revenue many times greater than traditional monetization methods. It’s that simple. Just add our neighborhood targeting service, place a 300x250 ad on your website, and start generating revenue.

LocalNetTM Creates Premier Web Destinations for Local News and Events

DataSphere has built a robust platform that gives you the ability to create compelling hyperlocal news websites for the community while leveraging your existing Content Management System (CMS) provider and workflow. You are already the face of local news in your community—LocalNet will help you go deeper and take it to the neighborhood level.

Neighborhood Events Calendar Features Thousands of Activities in Your DMA

Stand out from the competition with DataSphere’s Event Calendar. Unlike other event products, we cover millions of events down to the neighborhood level, integrating local deals and adding rich multimedia content to each event. Whether it’s a top rock concert or a local bluegrass festival, your website will be the go-to destination for finding out what's on.

DataSphere provides full-cycle sales and customer service with each of our media solutions. We can also develop a customized plan to help you reach the small business customer. 

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DataSphere is one of the fastest-growing companies in the local marketing space. We power thousands of neighborhood sites and serve tens of thousands of local business clients across more than 90 markets--over half of the U.S. We have relationships with some of the most successful media companies in the U.S., including Gannett, Local TV, Raycom Media and more.

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