DataSphere Coupon Network™

“We've gotten a huge response.  It is definitely worth it.  People come back every month.  You keep it runnig automatically for us.  I love that people pull it up on their mobile phones.  Your website is one of the first that pops up on Google -- higher than other coupon providers.”

Erin Nystrom, Owner
Shear Madness Salon

“We've got a pile of coupons here.  They peaked right at the beginning of summer and when school started. The "free" really catches peoples' eyes. Saving $30 is not much in the scheme of things but people do react. Your coupon is currently one of the top two local programs for me.”

Tony Hampton, Owner
Hurricane Gymnastics

"We do a lot of coupons - about four to five different programs including mail and newspaper. So far, we're getting better results than other online coupons. [DataSphere] is about 60-65% of our coupons."

Lipton Tsang, Manager
Wild Wok Restaurant

"We see 2-3 coupons per day on the weekends. The coupon has brought in a lot of new business."

Brad White, Owner
Goog's Restaurant

"I got $500 from a customer who started with a free exam coupon. It's clearly paying for itself. It's cheaper than yellow pages. I run DataSphere coupons to attract new business and encourage more frequent visits."

Brenda Cross, Owner
Privileged Critters Animal Hospital

"I was extremely pleased that, in less than 4 days, I had a potential new client and she is exactly the type of client I enjoy working with--close by, too. She said it was the coupon offer that attracted her."

Kim Condrin, Owner
Organize to Order